Check it- Each night on the AP Tour, we’re inviting 10 people (that means you!) to join us before doors open for a small intimate acoustic performance. If you’re chosen, you get to bring a friend. To be entered you and your friend must have tickets already and follow the directions below. If you’re confused what we’re saying, check out this video, THIS COULD BE YOU!!! - Dan and and Alan filmed and edited this (except when they were playing guitar).


Remember, you and your +1 must have a ticket to the show already. If you or your +1 don’t have a ticket, you will not be able to attend the acoustic performance. Below is the time you need to show up at the box office to receive your wrist band. Please do not be late!

11/15 - Orlando, FL @ Beacham Theatre 4:15 (RSVP) (Tickets)

Mike Spillane, Wes Ender, Sommer Hidy, Jesse Lieberman, Andrew Richard, Mary Vallon, Ryan Baum, Doug Foxford, Chris Stewart, Samantha Crum

11/16 - Ft. Lauderdale, FL @ Culture Room 5:45 (RSVP) (Tickets)

Roly Delgado, Jose Guerrero, Jake Fennimore, Jessica Guthas, Nick Barrionuevo, Steph Esquenazi, Kyle Kreisler, Nicole Glickman, Nick Gardin, AnnMarie Demartino

11/17 - St. Petersburg, FL @ State Theatre 5:15pm (RSVP) (Tickets)

Tim Morris, Larissa Nelson, Minister Samuel Ronen, Jaimie Therrien, Daniel Snyder, Jennifer Porter, Jake Fennimore, Eugene Chillemi, Kelsey Scotten, Bryson Lunger

11/18 - Atlanta, GA @ The Masquerade 5:15pm (RSVP) (Tickets)

Charlie Cohen, Krista Mauldin Yoder, Andrew James Beauchemin, Robert Williamson, Brittany Malloy, Kristen Kohlhepp, Kevin Phillips, Bryan Mangrum, Brandon Ashmore, Jack Trump

11/19 - Charlotte, NC @ Amos’ Southend Music Hall 5:15pm (RSVP) (Tickets)

John Dorben, Corey Vega, Karla Compton, Butch Harry Barbee, Chrissy Meyer, Darious Smith, Alex Wyatt, Dylan Howard, Janel Richardson, Alex Wesley

11/20 - Norfolk, VA @ The NorVa 5:15pm (RSVP) (Tickets)

Amber Herman, Tommy McPhail, Bryant Davis, Courtney Renee Cooke, Joey Terman, Marina Chan

11/22 - New York, NY @ Irving Plaza 5:15pm (RSVP) (Tickets)

Nicholas Manuel Jimenez, Annmarie Mercieri, Dave Colombo, Tom Brennan, Sam Valente, Shannon Palsma, Mickey Feliciano, Emily Sue, Sean Rachubka, Dylan DeCesare

11/23 - Sayreville, NJ @ Starland Ballroom 5:15pm (RSVP) (Tickets)

Chay Martinez, Danielle Howard, Christian Gepp, Bryan Charalambous, Matt Burns, Cassidy Dalton, Gary Muzyczka, Melly Gee, Dan Mierzwinski, Chris Urban

11/25 - Pittsburgh, PA @ Altar Bar 5:15pm (RSVP) (Tickets)

Sarah Bader, Lauren Gallagher, Charles Stayduhar, Brandon Dunlap, Mike Michalski, Andrew Miller, Dan Kirby, Dillon Carey, Maren Gallina, Ariel Babyok

11/26 - Cleveland, OH @ House of Blues Cleveland 5:15pm (RSVP) (Tickets)

Sean Dockery, Dakota Davis, Justin Hadley Michael Graci, Lizzie Holton, Mitchell Rozaieski, John Nauman, Paul Pozar, Christian McCloskey, Matt Misconin, Carly Pietrasz